Quality Guarantee

Fresh Laundry is committed to providing you with the best quality service. We take great care when handling your laundry as we understand how important it is to you.  Garments are ironed beautifully before returning them to you folded or hung – whatever your preference.  All you are left to do is put them away. 

Collection / Delivery Service

Please ensure that garments are bagged ready and available for collection on the date arranged.  Should you need to cancel or re-schedule your pre-arranged collection / delivery please notify us a minimum of 4 hours before your scheduled timeslot.  We always aim to collect and deliver within a 2 hour timeframe, however we cannot be held resposible for any unexpected delays.

Damaged / Lost Items

Whilst we take great care with all garments to prevent damage to laundry it is the customers responsibility to bring to our attention anything in your laundry which could be damaged by washing and drying i.e. rubber backed articles, dry clean only clothes and items which are labelled ‘DO NOT TUMBLE DRY’.  Any such garments should be bagged separately and clearly marked.

Whilst we endeavour to identify and remove such items it is not always possible and is the customer’s responsibility to ensure the suitability of their garments. We do not accept responsibility for damage caused to laundry by foreign objects inadvertently added to wash bags e.g. pens, batteries, lipsticks etc. 

Any items dry cleaned or washed with no care label, or not colour separated will be processed only at owner’s risk.

We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused through treatment whilst adhering to the care label, or for any loss whereby items have been left with a third party at your request. In the unlikely event of loss or damage occurring through accident or neglect, we will offer compensation to the fair value of the item up to a maximum of 5 times the cost of cleaning the item.

You should note that some materials and fabrics can have inherent weaknesses or defects, and some weaken with time or through the effects of sunlight etc. This can result in damage, shrinkage, colour loss etc. when cleaned. Whilst we will always attempt to inform you at the start, unfortunaely, we may not always notice such defects and therefore will not accept responsiblity for damage caused.


Stains requiring treatment must be highlighted to us at the start.  Some stains are difficult to remove and may not be removed during the the normal wash cycle. We use quality powders, detergents and stain removal agents (if requested by the customer) to ensure we achieve the best possible cleaning results although, unfortunately, we are unable to guarantee removal of all stains. 

Ironing Service

Our commercial ironing tables ensure a professional finish although we cannot guarantee to remove 'set in' creases which may have been caused by over drying or garments not being promptly unloaded from the machine.  No amount of steam will eliminate such creases and the garments may need re-rinsing in order to achieve an improved result.  This service can be carried out for an extra fee. 

Our professional irons are fitted with a protective shoe which prevents garments becoming scorched or shiny.  We will not accept responsibility for any previous scorch or shine marks on garments.